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All XTS Speed lures are handpainted of high quality standards. The selection includes ll your favorite colors, in fact you’ll find colors you won’t find elswhere that will help you catch that big bass. All lures include great action through your line and 3-D lazerball eyes to add more of an appeal for fish.

bass-pro-shops-xts-expert-tournament-series-ub-minidad-1-1-2-louisiana-craw- Bass Pro Shops XTS Expert Tournament Series UB Minidad 1 1/2 Louisiana Craw
US $2.24
Auction Ends: Thursday Sep-18-2014 15:09:11 PDT
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2 Responses to “XTS Speed Crankbaits”

  • Troy Pippen says:


    I am searching for a XTS Speed Lure – Vibrator in the color of Hickory Shad. Bass Pro Shops has these lures but I cannot find the famous Hickory Shad color that I had used in the past. These lures used to be called “Lews Speed Lures” at the time I was purchasing them.

    Uncle Buck’s Mini Baits has the lipless vibrator that I am looking for in Hickory Shad but the size is only 1/6 oz.

    I am looking for the 1/4 oz. and 1/2 oz. Hickory Shad. Please let me know if you can help me out.

    Troy Pippen

  • Charles says:

    Hey Troy,

    Thanks for writing in. I wasn’t able to find the Speed Lure – Vibrator, but was able to find the Hickory Shad for the Minnow. Is this what you were intending? Perhaps you can upload a picture and see if any other users are able to locate it?

    The color code seems to be #30 for the Hickory Shad Minnow, perhaps you can check with the BassPro folks to see if they can order the #30 for the XTS Speed Lure – Vibrator?


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