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Mostly known for their rattle traps, but also have manufactured many other fishing lures such as softbaits and spinnerbaits, they make a fine crankbait to use.

uncle-buck-s-panfish-creatures-red-hook-series-1-crawfish-louisiana-craw Uncle Buck's Panfish Creatures Red Hook Series 1" Crawfish Louisiana Craw
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  • Ray Brandriff says:

    I have several flat sided wooden lures that are at least 15 years old, that Bass pro sold. The best I remember they were BP’s first attempt at selling lures with their name on the product. They all had clear plastic lips some lips have TT on them. There are no other identifying marks. The paint jobs are horrid, colors and finish. Very child like. Does any of this ring a bell, if so do you have a name for them?

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