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I like sharing some of my favorite lures in my tackle box, one I have used for a very long time is the Mepps Spinner with Berkley Powerbait or the new Gulp Alive. What I do is take off the treble hook and attach a single hook to the spinner so you can either put on a Berkley Powerbait Worm or a Gulp Alive Worm. You can even put on some form of twister tail or tube body if you’d like, it’s up to you. Personally I like using the Powerbait soft platic lures because they have really nice scent to them. You can lure in a lot of big bass and other species of fish that way.

Why is this lure so much better than just a soft plastic on a regular jig head hook. Basically you’re getting the best of both worlds, minnow and worm because of the flashy blade up top. This drives the bass and other fish crazy, they just can’t resist.

You can actually design your own Mepps Spinner on the Mepps Spinner website and have them just include just a hook if you want. But I have found out it’s a lot cheaper to modify a Mepps Spinner from the store and just take off the treble hook and replace it with a normal hook yourself. If you buy from the Mepps Spinner website you will be paying top dollar and also paying for shipping and handling. Just go to the store, any fishing store has Mepps Spinners. Even Meijer or Walmart carry them, you can even buy from my store if you’d like. It would really help me out, but it’s up to you, wherever you find the cheapest price.

Try this lure out, it works great on Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Trout, Musky, Pike, Catfish, and big Crappie.

One other great thing is Mepps Spinners come in all shapes in sizes, so you can get a small blade 1 if you’re looking to pick up panfish. Or you can go with a size 4 blade and go for that really big bass, it’s all up to you. You can also change the beads on the wire and add heavier beads to get the lure deeper. Experiment, but basically the lure will work great with just changing the treble to a single hook and using a nice purple powerbait worm. If you like the lure and catch some big fish post some comments down below, I’d like to hear some feedback on this lure. I’m interested how well it works in other states and countries on bass.

lot-4-mepps-b3st-s-w-aglia-1-4-oz-silver-white-trout-fishing-spinner Lot 4 Mepps B3ST S-W Aglia 1/4 OZ Silver White Trout Fishing Spinner
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