PostHeaderIcon KickTail XL-5 Bass Fishing Lure Swim Bait

Great new innovative swimait lure that actually swims like a real fish. The lure beat other fishing lures 19 to 4 in Florida bass contest, it mimics the motion of a real fish so realistically eight professionals couldn’t tell the difference between it and a live shad when it swam toward them on retrieval. The lure is broken into five segments, as water rushes through the bait on retrieval, the tail will flutter left to right. I haven’t tried this lure yet, but it looks like it could work really well.

kicktail-xl-5-floater-yellow-root-beer-as-seen-on-tv-ktfxl569-swimbait-lure KickTail XL 5 Floater Yellow Root Beer As Seen On TV KTFXL569 Swimbait Lure
US $14.99
Auction Ends: Friday Sep-19-2014 18:06:52 PDT
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