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Now there’s a lot to learn about the world of fishing, no one ever said it was going to be easy. Some fisherman actually think that you have to be at the right point in time and place to catch that big fish, no matter what lure you throw out there the fish will bite on it. Let me tell you after fishing for many years that statement is so untrue, fish will not bite on anything. Especially those big bass!

I have found that a lot of fish are looking for that certain color, flash, and or movement. They will definitely not bite on anything, it takes technique and experimentation to find those dynamite lures to use on fish in your location: it could be on a pond or lake, each fishing spot is different.

Just the other day I was fishing with my Dad when he caught that big Pike. I actually casted my lure right where he threw his crankbait and that big old Pike did not bite on it at all. And the funny thing is I was using the same Norman Crankbait, but different color. That day he smoked me big time! He had is own technique and special colored crankbait that outdid most of my lures in my tackle box. That’s not to say all of them, because I only got to try out a few lures on the lake. This just goes to show having that right lure and technique down makes all the difference.

Don’t have a bad day of fishing because you have been using that same old lure over and over again. Experiment, try other lures in your box. See what other fisherman are using, buy a few lures at the store. I think fishing is all about being an entrepreneur and learning things yourself. Sometimes you might make mistakes, but your learn from those mistakes. Don’t ever let them bring you down and give up. I know to many people who quit the sport of fishing just because it’s about patience. Take these elements I mentioned at hand and try using them next time your out fishing.

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