PostHeaderIcon Few Bass from Last Fishing Trip

Well it was a little more than just a few bass out. My Dad caught two largemouth, I caught one smallmouth bass and eight largemouth bass on Kent Lake. The smallmouth bass fought with a lot of intensity, just like they always do, but it was just a 13″ smallmouth. I ended up catching most of my bass on the beetle spin, except one largemouth I caught on a bomber crankbait in deeper water.

We caught most of our bass in shallow water, we really should of stayed there. But, I wanted to try out a few deep spots because there are some really big bass that lurk in deeper water. We didn’t have much luck, but we still overall had a fun fishing trip.

I thinking about getting a few spinner rigs for Walleye in the deep water. There’s got to be some nice size Walleye lurking int he deep water in Kent Lake.

My Dad’s largemouth, it was a pretty nice sized largemouth. Came in around 16″.

My smallmouth bass I caught on my favorite lure the beetle spin. Just reeled it in slowly, right across the top of the weed beds.

Small bass I caught in the deeper part of the lake with my Bomber crankbait.

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