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Probably one of the most hush hush lures out there, Cotton Cordell lures didn’t get a whole lot of publicity when I first started fishing. They might of made it big over the last few years. I know they have broaden their horizons with all types of new lures, such as the Red Fin, Big ‘O’, C.C. Shad, and my favorite the Wiggle ‘O’. What’s so great about the Wiggle ‘O’ is the wide wobble, unique action that fools the fish into biting. The Grappler Shad isn’t a bad lure to use either, more for walleye, it’s still a good crankbait to use on Smallmouth bass to reach those deep depths. All their crankbaits have that 3d eye look to them and outstanding paint schemes on them. I was checking out their latest lures and was amazed with some of the colors, they really do seem to have a realistic look to them. If I was a bass I would want to bit’em.

lot-of-5-new-cotton-cordell-4-1-4-rattlin-hot-spot-2oz-fishing-lures Lot of 5 New Cotton Cordell 4-1/4" Rattlin' Hot Spot 2oz Fishing Lures
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