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Bomber Slab spoons are of timeless shape and proven colors that make it a true multi-species bait. The bass spoons cone in either white, chartreuse, metachrome, or metachrome color for fishing standards.

  • Bomber® Slab Spoon - White - 7/8 oz.

    Don't miss out on the unbeatable results this all-time classic Bomber Slab Spoon produces. The Slab Spoon's wide profile shape is timeless and its proven colors make it a deadly multi-species lure. Whether you’re casting for schooling fish or vertical jigging, the Slab Spoon's heavy weight allows it to get in the strike zone quickly and stay there. Effective in fresh and saltwater for white bass, striped bass, lake trout, walleye and largemouth and smallmouth bass.. Bomber® Slab Spoon

    Available for $ 2.79

eight-vintage-bomber-slab-spoon-new-bomber-bait-company-various Eight - Vintage Bomber Slab Spoon - NEW - Bomber Bait Company Various
US $23.92
Auction Ends: Friday Sep-19-2014 13:16:02 PDT
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