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Probably one of the most boring ways to fish, but I’m not going to rag on anyone who likes to fish this way. It’s great for a beginners or any experienced fisherman that likes to sit back and watch the bobber do its thing. Some of the largest bass in the world have been caught on bobbers, well here’s our selection at our bass store.

worden-s-wobble-glo-bobber;-3-pks;-size-4-body;-3-colors;-wg593-lich-lct-gfrt- Worden's Wobble Glo Bobber; 3 Pks; Size 4 Body; 3 Colors; #WG593 LICH,LCT,GFRT
US $17.99
Auction Ends: Sunday Aug-17-2014 10:15:50 PDT
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