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PostHeaderIcon Rainbow Trout Bomber Crankbait

I bought this Bomber crankbait about eight or nine years ago, maybe even longer than that, I’m not quite sure. Seems as though Bomber doesn’t make this paint scheme anymore, it’s really too bad since it’s a hot lure in many inland lakes all over Michigan. I have used this lure many times in Lake St. Clair on smallmouth bass, they just love it. And this is the bomber crankbait I caught the two big largemouth bass on in Kent Lake in the deep spot.

Why is it that the lure companies always stop making the sweet colors. I looked all over the web for this rainbow trout color scheme. I even tried other companies other than Bomber, no luck. If anyone finds this color scheme in this size of a crankbait, please post down below the url of the crankbait.

I tried looking on Bass Pro Shops website, also Cabelas and Gander Mountain, they didn’t have anything that resembled it. Total bummer!


PostHeaderIcon What’s in your Tack Box?

So what’s in your tackle box? Most anglers won’t ever post pictures of their secret lures in their tackle box, but I’m willing to. Recognize any of the lures in my tackle box?


PostHeaderIcon Few Bass from Last Fishing Trip

Well it was a little more than just a few bass out. My Dad caught two largemouth, I caught one smallmouth bass and eight largemouth bass on Kent Lake. The smallmouth bass fought with a lot of intensity, just like they always do, but it was just a 13″ smallmouth. I ended up catching most of my bass on the beetle spin, except one largemouth I caught on a bomber crankbait in deeper water.

We caught most of our bass in shallow water, we really should of stayed there. But, I wanted to try out a few deep spots because there are some really big bass that lurk in deeper water. We didn’t have much luck, but we still overall had a fun fishing trip.

I thinking about getting a few spinner rigs for Walleye in the deep water. There’s got to be some nice size Walleye lurking int he deep water in Kent Lake.

My Dad’s largemouth, it was a pretty nice sized largemouth. Came in around 16″.

My smallmouth bass I caught on my favorite lure the beetle spin. Just reeled it in slowly, right across the top of the weed beds.

Small bass I caught in the deeper part of the lake with my Bomber crankbait.

PostHeaderIcon Awesome Turnout for Largemouth Bass

Last fishing trip at Kent Lake was an awesome turnout for Largemouth Bass. I don’t know what it was, but the Largemouth Bass were just biting on everything that day. Every lure I used was great! But, they were my favorite lures, so it’s not like I threw any kind of lure on my line.

First I was using my famous beetle spin in the shallows, reeling it right above the weed beds. The largemouth bass couldn’t resist, right within 30 minutes I had two good size 16″ bass in my boat. I was so happy that it wasn’t going to be one of those competitive days looking for the bass and the right lure. I tried the Gitzit out for a bit and got a 14″ bass, nothing huge, but good enough for a nice fillet.

After catching a few more bass in the shallows, the bass turned off in that spot. So I thought why not tryout the Huron River. If you’re not familiar with Kent Lake, part of the Huron River is connected to Kent Lake. I think there are some good size fish in there, last time I caught two smallmouth bass in there. I didn’t get any bass casting, so I tried trolling. The bass started hitting the beetle spin immediately. I ran the beetle spin on a number four speed on my 30lb Minn Kota trolling motor. It seemed to be the best speed for the bass and perfect for trolling it right above the weeds. I lost about four small bass trolling, for some reason the hook wasn’t getting set properly.

That slowed down a bit then I tried fishing deep spots of Kent Lake, it took me awhile before I found a drop off point where they were hitting. I switched to a rainbow colored Bomber crankbait and the Bass were absolutely all over it. The 2nd cast I ended up catching the largest bass of the day, weighing in at 2lbs, 6oz on the Berkley electronic scale. The big bass gave me a really nice fight, at first I thought I had something really big on like Pike or Walleye, then I saw this huge plump body. I was amazed to see such a big largemouth bass in deep water. I threw that one in the cooler, few casts afterwards I caught another good size bass. The bass seem to really love the Bomber crankbait.

At the end of the day the total came to 20 bass, ended up keeping 5 of them since that’s the legal limit. I was so glad to come home with a nice size dinner. The lures that worked great were the Bomber crankbait in deep water and the beetle spin in the shallows. I did however catch a nice size Bass on the Gitzit.

This is my favorite shot of the day


The five bass I’m about to fillet. My girlfriend said it looks like they are singing, lol.


Some other pictures of the largemouth I caught.


The bass I caught on the Gitzit jig.

Nice little picture of the boat launch before I was on the lake.

Nice aerial view of Kent Lake with the American Flag in the photo.

What the weeds look like in Kent Lake.

PostHeaderIcon Palomar Knot Warning

I’m going to warn you on the Palomar knot, it’s a great knot and all, but be careful. I have used it through my fishing years, but have noticed if you don’t tie it right it can easily snap.

First I want to warn you to always give your Palomar knot the strength test after your first tied it. Just grab your lure or snap swivel and take a nice tug or two. If it seems to hold up, you’re good. But if it snaps, you’re obviously tying it wrong. And let me tell you first hand experience, it’s easy to tie it wrong.

Lord knows I’m not the greatest with directions, I made a video to help you bass fisherman out. 4th step is the most important(big warning), make sure you guide the loop along the line attached to your lure and reel. Make sure the loop doesn’t hook over the snap swivel or knot. If it gets hooked over the part of the knot wrong or swivel, it will make the knot weak and could cost you a big bass. This is fishing 101 brought to you by Professor Erik.

This is my first video, so don’t be to hard on me. I tried my best explaining the Palomer knot.


PostHeaderIcon Insect Repellent Wristband for Fishing

My girlfriend was talking to the store owner of a small shop down the street from me, she was ranting about these new insect repellent bands. The store owner says they work great for mosquitoes. My girlfriend first thought of me when she saw it, because I come back from fishing trips all bit up sometimes. So she bought the band and thought I should give it a try.

My last fishing trip at Kent Lake, it seemed to work pretty good. This was during the day time so it really didn’t put the band to the full test. Be honest with you, I think it’s a great idea. It’s hard for us fisherman to use the regular bug spray because it could possibly hit our hands or our arms and end up getting on the lure somehow. And that’s a big no no when it comes to fishing. This could deter away the fish immediately. The insect repelling bracelet or band, whatever you want to call it, goes on smoothly over your wrist or ankle. I put it on my ankle because I don’t want the smell getting anywhere near my line or lure.

I’ll report back when I test it out in the evening, when the insects are on full alert.


PostHeaderIcon Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Swimbait Lure

One of the most deadly lures to use on both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. It can be fished in both slow and fast retrieve, twitch it to provoke the Bass even more into biting it. All of Berkley’s hollow belly swimbait are very durable and last for a very long time. Fish them during all seasons, the lure is the key for catching that big lunker bass!

2-pkgs-berkley-powerbait-hollow-belly-5-swimbait-bass-walleye-ft-bh 2 - PKGS BERKLEY POWERBAIT HOLLOW BELLY 5" SWIMBAIT - BASS - WALLEYE (FT/BH)
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PostHeaderIcon Lindner’s Angling Edge

Funny thing I wrote an article about old bass fishing shows the other day, I turned on the TV today to find Al Lindner talking about swimbaits. He was on his new show “Lindner’s Angling Edge,” a TV fishing show that was on the channel Versus at 5:30am. I’m sure it appears later in the day too, I’m gonna have to look it up on the TV guide or something.

Anyways, the fishing show was just great. Al Lindner and his nephew Dan were talking about how deadly swimbaits can be used on smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. Al explained how they have just become popular because they were kind of a secret in the western fishing states. Some pro bass fisherman started using them and other fisherman began to learn of their existence.

Al and Dan were on a lake in southern California, they didn’t say the lake they were fishing on, kind of pisses me off. They were catching a decent amount of bass at the lake, almost one after another with the swimbait. Al suggest if you are to use a swimbait, he recommends using the sizes 3″, 4″, and 5″ swimbaits. At the time they were using the Berkley Powerbait hollow belly swimbait, Berkley Powerbait is great because they scent their lures. Another great thing about swimbaits is they are durable, whether they are soft plastic or hard plastic, the lure lifespan is a lot longer than any other soft plastic bait. The lure is awesome to use on bass all season long, in all different types of environments.

There are a few ways to rig a swimbait. First the Texas rig way, it’s a great rig to throw into a lot of cover such as weeds or rocks because it’s weedless. Second you can have a regular showing of a hook or even use a treble hook. All these different rigs are great and easy to use, but you must figure out how you are going to fish the lure. Whether to twitch it, retrieve it fast, or retrieve it slow. Each lake or river is going to be different. Get the most out of swimbaits with a medium action rod with a baitcasting reel.

It truly was great to see Al Lindner preaching about bass and later Walleye, I haven’t seen him in awhile. Supposedly my Dad said he’s a born again Christian, Al confessed he used to be a drinker. Now at the end of the show he shares some of his religious beliefs, which is great for the kids and even adults, teaches good morals with fishing. Two elements that should be together in everyone’s life. Though the program was pretty short, I can’t wait to see the next one. Going to have to check out the times.


PostHeaderIcon Fly Fishing looks Intriguing

After all these years of bass fishing, the one thing I haven’t tried out is fly fishing. I have tried using a fly on a regular spinning reel and rod, but I’ve heard that’s not the same thing. I remember watching the movie “River Runs Through It” with Brad Pitt, and just seeing the way you have to sway the line back and forth is an art. I’m not sure if I’d be able to do that the first time, I would definitely have to practice a little that is for sure.

It’s seems very intriguing to me though, I want to give it a try. Just not sure what’s a good pole or line to buy for fly fishing. I’m going to have to research it a little, if you can give me some pointers in the comments section I would much appreciate it. There’s quite a few streams and rivers in Michigan, it would be great if I caught a Trout or two.


PostHeaderIcon Miss all the Bass Shows

I was talking to my Dad the other day when I was fishing. I told him how I miss all the bass shows him and I use to watch. Nowadays, I have no clue what time or channel these shows are on. In the past they use to play them back to back on TNN, shows like Roland Martin, Orlando Wilson Fishing Show and Fishing with Bill Dance. In-Fisherman was an awesome show too, man do I miss all of them. I heard the Lindner brothers sold In-Fisherman, I guess they needed the money. If I were them, I would of never sold a great fishing show and company like that, it’s priceless. They must of been offered a lot of money.

I don’t even think there is a TNN on cable anymore, didn’t SPIKE replace it? I did see a fishing show on there called Versus, but it wasn’t as good as any of the shows I listed. If anyone knows of any good bass fishing shows or regular fishing shows in general, please list them down below in the comments section.

I remember when I was little and would get the two bass pros mixed up: Bill Dance and Orlando Wilson. Reason being because they both wore hats with a capital letter on them. Nowadays, I don’t have that problem anymore. Orlando Wilson has the capital “A” hat for Atlanta and Bill Dance as the capital “T” hat for Texas.

I’m going to try and look around to see if I can buy the fishing shows on DVD. Maybe Amazon or Barnes and Noble carry the bass fishing shows.