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PostHeaderIcon Yamamoto Soft Plastic Lures

Still haven’t tried out a Yamamoto soft plastic yet, I’ve been hearing good things about them everywhere I go to fish. It’s big favorite of many Asian fisherman, most of them swear by it. I’ve been checking out there body styles and they sure look different. They look like they could swim a lot different than any grub I have used before, their colors are very appealing too. When I get around to it and have some money saved up I’m going to try a pack out. Here’s our selection of Yamamoto grubs.

gary-yamamoto-yamasenko-senko-5-plastic-wacky-worm-bass-lure-10pk-9-10-900-nip Gary Yamamoto YAMASENKO senko 5" plastic Wacky Worm Bass Lure 10pk 9-10-900 NIP
US $6.95
Auction Ends: Wednesday Sep-17-2014 3:27:54 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Berkley PowerBait Soft Plastic Lures

By far the most deadly soft plastic bait to use on bass and my favorite. Just like the modo says, fish bite and won’t let go. Berkley has spent years trying to perfect the sent and obtaining the right colors to increase the attraction power. By studying bass in the lab and then testing their baits in the water, they have been able to deliver the most consistent effective artificial baits in the world. With the right weight jig head, there’s nothing stopping you from catching that huge bass.

berkley-powerbait-3-black-power-grub-15ct-worm-steelhead-bass-walleye-trout- BERKLEY POWERBAIT 3" BLACK Power Grub 15ct worm steelhead bass walleye trout
US $3.99 (0 Bid)
Auction Ends: Thursday Aug-28-2014 14:26:00 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Soft Plastic Lures

A wide variety of soft plastic baits to choose from to catch both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, enjoy browsing.

7-1-2-soft-plastic-gator-tail-snake-eel-fishing-lure-5-10-packs-fire-tiger 7 1/2 SOFT PLASTIC GATOR TAIL SNAKE EEL FISHING LURE (5) - 10 PACKS FIRE TIGER
US $10.00 (0 Bid)
Auction Ends: Wednesday Aug-27-2014 6:28:19 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Crankbaits

A variety of crankbaits to choose from to catch both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, enjoy browsing.

usa-lot-30-pcs-kinds-of-fishing-lures-crankbaits-hooks-minnow-baits-tackle- USA Lot 30 pcs Kinds of Fishing Lures Crankbaits Hooks Minnow Baits Tackle
US $14.50
Auction Ends: Friday Sep-05-2014 2:14:46 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Yum Crankbaits

Yum makes only three types of crankbaits: the Yum dancin’ eel, Baby Dancin’ Eel, and the new Dancin’ Tadpole. They wiggle temptingly as if to say “May I have this dance?” More often than not, fish oblige! Couples the wobble of a crankbait and the free motion that only plastic lures provide. Every jerk of the tip or turn of the reel brings the Dancin’ Eel to life!

yum-dancin-tadpole-eel-3-1-2-lot-of-3-foxy-shad Yum Dancin' Tadpole Eel 3-1/2" Lot of 3: Foxy Shad
US $13.99
Auction Ends: Friday Sep-05-2014 13:43:39 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Storm Crankbaits

Grab life by the gills with Storm crankbaits, eye-catching lures that will catch bass even when they have lock jaw. Their lures slowly sink and can flutter just right to get the bass active. Storm makes a great crankbait for bass.

-storm-pre-rapala-hot-n-tot-deep-diver-crawdad-color Storm Pre Rapala "Hot n Tot" Deep Diver Crawdad Color
US $9.99 (0 Bid)
Auction Ends: Thursday Aug-28-2014 11:24:48 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Mann’s Crankbaits

Many bass tournaments have been won with Mann’s professional crankbaits, designed to run both shallow and deep. And also have extraordinary colors to catch the largest bass in the lake, Mann is a fine company to go with if you’re looking for a different type of crankbait. They cover every area of the lake, hook them bass!

mann-s-baby-8-crank-bait-fishing-lure-nib-lemon-shad Mann's Baby 8 Crank bait Fishing Lure NIB Lemon Shad
US $4.89
Auction Ends: Thursday Sep-25-2014 19:25:03 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Rat-L-Trap Crankbaits

America’s favorite triggering bait is here at our store and is now equipped with lazer sharp set-lok hooks. No other hardbait can boast the fish-catching success of the Rat-L-Trap by America’s Bait. The crankbaits are designed with a durashell finish for durability, have a nice flashy shad-like profile and super-tight wiggle. The bass will be mesmerized by it’s life like minnow look.

  • Bill Lewis Floating Rat-L-Trap® - Chrome/Black Back

    No other hardbait can boast the same fish-catching success as the Bill Lewis Floating Rat-L-Trap. With its flashy shad-like profile and super-tight wiggle, it's impossible to fish wrong the Floating Rat-L-Trap wrong. Perfect for casting or trolling along weedbeds, grass lines and other types of shallow structure where fish ambush from. Hook size: #4 and #6. 1/2 oz.. Bill Lewis Floating Rat-L-Trap®

    Available for $ 4.49

  • Outdoorsman Fishing Patches - Rat-L-Trap®

    Patch features the Rat-L-Trap logo Vibrantly colored Looks great on caps, jackets, shirts, and more Let others know your choice of fishing lures with this handsome Rat-L-Trap patch. Suitable for shirts, jackets, caps and more, you can easily show your support for Bill Lewis and his line of Rat-L-Trap lures with this colorful patch. . Outdoorsman Patches - Rat-L-Trap®

    Available for $ 2.49

  • Bill Lewis High-Def Northwoods Rat-L-Trap Series - 1/2 oz. - Emarald Shiner

    Inject some realism into your Rat-L-Trap arsenal with the Bill Lewis High-Def Northwoods Rat-L-Trap Series. Designed to closely mimic forage species of the clearer Northern waters, the High-Def Northwoods Series offers a more subtle pitch with lower frequency bio-acoustic qualities to better fit these clear water conditions. Featuring engraved scale patterns, 3-D eyes and HD paint jobs, the High-Def Northwoods Rat-L-Trap cranks are sure to be a hit for folk who live or fish north of the Mason Dixon line.. Bill Lewis High-Defâ„¢ Northwoodsâ„¢ Rat-L-Trap Series

    Available for $ 6.99

vintage-bill-lewis-rattle-trap-rat-l-trap-floating-lure-musky-bass-lures-baits VINTAGE BILL LEWIS RATTLE TRAP RAT-L-TRAP FLOATING LURE MUSKY BASS LURES BAITS
US $4.50
Auction Ends: Thursday Sep-25-2014 16:36:11 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Arbogast Crankbaits

Arbogast Lures the bait of Champions. Arbogast was founded by Fred Arbogast in 1930, one of the true pioneers of the fishing industry. Fred carved lures back in Akron, Ohio and was a competitive bait caster. He actually broke the world’s long-distance casting record of 250 feet in 1924. His company produces hundreds of different lures for sportfishing for bass. Arbogast lures have been in the boat and on the docks with the American fishing public for almost 75 years. They are a trustworthy brand to buy if you’re in the market for a decent lure.

  • Arbogast® Sputterbuzz Floating Buzzbait - 3-1/2" - Black

    The weedless Arbogast Sputterbuzz Floating Buzzbait creates a terrific surface commotion that elicits strikes from even the most lethargic fish. Retrieve the Sputterbuzz slowly and it will produce a fish-attracting paddling sound or jerk it for a proven popper action. When the Sputterbuzz is at rest on the surface, the Hula Skirt curls and squirms, giving a live action. Features weedless Eagle Claw® treble hooks.. Arbogast® Sputterbuzz Floating Buzzbait

    Available for $ 5.69

  • Arbogast® Hula Popper® - 1/4 oz - Black

    One of the most productive big bass baits of all time, the Hula Popper elicits bone crushing strikes. Its concave mouth creates loud popping sounds and a bubble trail, while the hula skirt offers a seductive bit of fish attracting flash. Can be plunked, popped, twitched or jerked, and the slower you fish the Hula Popper, the more fish it pulls from cover to the surface.. Arbogast® Hula Popper®

    Available for $ 5.69

  • Arbogast® Hocus Locustâ„¢ - Black/Gold

    The Hocus Locust combines the lifelike appearance of a juicy locust with the action of the legendary Arbogast Jitterbug. Produces the loud but gentle ''plop, plop, plop'' of a locust as it struggles to free itself from the water. The Hocus Locust is guaranteed to become a topwater favorite. Length: 1-3/4''. Weight: 1/4 oz. Hook size: 8.. Arbogast® Hocus Locust™

    Available for $ 4.69

2-new-5-inch-fred-arbogast-a-c-plug-in-red-flash 2 NEW 5-inch Fred Arbogast A.C. Plug in Red Flash
US $12.41
Auction Ends: Wednesday Sep-24-2014 18:52:04 PDT
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PostHeaderIcon Smithwick Crankbaits

Smithwick crankbaits are a great lure to use on bass, their one lure the Rogue won Bassmaster Classic and E-50 Tournaments back to back. Their two major lures are the Rogue and the Deveil’s horse, perfect for largemouth can smallmouth bass. Set yourself apart from the competition by using a smithwick crankbait.

smithwick-pro-rogue-special-run-color-sour-candy-asdrb12286 Smithwick Pro Rogue Special Run Color (SOUR CANDY) ASDRB12286
US $6.17
Auction Ends: Thursday Sep-11-2014 8:04:44 PDT
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